2002 Alumni Batch Of St. Roses Shs Builds And Unvails Stunning School Entrance For Their Alma Mater

In a heartwarming display of alumni support and dedication to their alma mater, the 2002 graduating class of St. Roses have built a new entrance for the school.

This remarkable initiative was made possible by the collective efforts of the alumni, who generously pooled their resources and collaborated with the school to complete a magnificent new entrance and gate project.

For the 2002 graduates who launched a year-long celebration in February 2022 to mark their 20th Anniversary on the theme “Impact; 20 Years and Beyond, Making our Alma Mater Proud”, returning to their cherished school to climax two decades of life after graduation was a momentous occasion.

They didn’t just reminisce; they decided to give back in a spectacular way with a grand gesture of gratitude to indeed make their alma mater proud.

He commended the 2002 graduates for their exceptional commitment to their alma mater and encouraged all past and present students to contribute their quota to keep the flag of St

It is a gift from the past to the present and future generations of students who will pass through the gates of their beloved alma mater.

As the sun set behind the school, casting a warm glow on the new entrance and gate, the 2002 alumni stood together, knowing that they had left an enduring legacy for their beloved alma mater, hoping their dedication and commitment would inspire others to give back and create a brighter future for education in Ghana.


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