Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu ll Destools Kwaprahene

In response to a previous threat, the Ashanti Kingdom’s overlord, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, has decided to dethrone Baffour Adugyemfuo Kumani, who served as the Chief of Kwapra in the Ashanti Region.

The decision to remove Baffour Adugyemfuo Kumani as Chief of Kwapra was actually made at the Manhyia Palace on Monday, December 11, 2023. It happened during a meeting of the Asantemen Traditional Council.

In October, the Asantehene called for a meeting with the Kwaprahene, and he expressed his intention to end Baffour Adugyemfuo Kumani’s rule. The accusations against him included the double sale of lands and violating the Great Ashanti Oath (Ntamkese).

According to reports, Baffour Adugyemfuo Kumani failed to honour Asantehene’s invitation when he was called to the palace.

The Asantehene made it clear that the Kwaprahene knows exactly why he’s trying to find him. It’s all because of the land issues. “The Kwaprahene is avoiding me by using the excuse of being sick, but i believe that he’s trying to outsmart me” Otumfuo said.

He stressed, “I won’t take any excuse from him. When he was young, he sold my land without bringing me my money. I forgave him, and you see the issue has returned to me,” Otumfuo Osei Tutu II recalled.

The Asantehene didn’t hold back and had some strong words for the kingmakers of Kwapra. He criticized them for not giving Baffour Adugyemfuo Kumani wise counsel.

He reprimanded them by saying, “And you, elders, I’ve always warned you about his behavior and told you to advise him to change his ways.” The Asantehene seems really disappointed in their actions.

While the Asantehene was taking steps to address the situation with the Kwaprahene, he did not only order the performance of certain rituals but also decided to remove several sub-chiefs who were unable to offer wise counsel to the chief. On top of that, the Asantehene also made it clear that anyone with land issues in Kwapra should bring their concerns directly to him, as he promised to personally resolve those matters.


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