DVLA Launches Documents To Enhance Good Driving Standards

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) launched two documents to enhance its service delivery and ensure good driving standards in the country.

The documents, namely the Re­vised Ghana Highway Code and DVLA Service Delivery Charter, will enhance road safety, promote a better understanding of road rules, and create a harmoni­ous environment for all drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians.

The Deputy Minister of Trans­port, Fredrick O. Adom, said the Revised Ghana Highway Code builds on the first edition which had been in existence for about 50 years and became necessary due to the developing trends in the country.

He said the updated version incorporates the latest advances in technology, tackles the challenges and opportunities presented by the “ever-evolving transport landscape, and underscores the importance of adopting eco-friendly trans­portation practices to protect the environment.”

“It goes beyond simply listing the dos and don’ts of the road and aims to cultivate a culture of road safety and responsible driving among all road users,” he added.

The Deputy Minister said the new High­way Code encompasses principles such as defensive driving, respect for pedestrians, adherence to speed limits, and responsible vehicle maintenance.

He indicated that, the principles highlight clear and concise information on road signs, traffic signals, and road markings, which allows road users to navigate through road networks with ease.

“It also provides compre­hensive guidance on sharing the road, particularly emphasizing the importance of mutual respect and consideration among different modes of transport,” he added.

The service delivery charter, the minister said established mecha­nisms for feedback and readdress, ensuring that customers’ concerns were not only heard but also acted upon continuously.

“This is a significant step towards a more accountable and citizen-centric government, align­ing with the evolving landscape,” he stated.

The minister expressed op­timism that the Revised Ghana Highway Code and DVLA Service Delivery Charter would contribute to a significant improvement in road safety and called on road users and sundry to embrace the principles outlined in the two documents.

The Chief Executive Officer of the DVLA, Kwasi Agyeman Busia said the new documents marked another significant mile­stone in the journey of the Au­thority towards a safer and more efficient transport system.

He said it was a manifestation of DVLA’s commitment to modernize and ensure standardization in en­hancing customer service delivery in the country.

Mr. Busia said the charter developed as part of the broader public sector reform programme aligned with DVLA’s objectives to ensure public sector customer service and productivity.

He said it was a declaration to provide optimum services to clients to serve as a precursor to deliver the standards as expected by their clients.

Mr. Busia reaffirmed the Author­ity’s continuous service delivery and improvement to customers in line with the sustainable development goal in the public sector reform.


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