Harold Amenyah Goes The Turkey Route To Fix Receding Hairline

In a world where Science has proven that everything is possible, human beings are taking advantage and making their lives easier and better.

Ghanaian actor, Harold Amenyah is making use of Science to make an improvement on his physical appearance.

The actor, who recently became a husband, has shared that he’s gone on a hair transplant journey, to fix the bald spots on his head after 10 years of trying.

In a recent post on Instagram, Harold shared;

“Who here has ever thought of getting a hair transplant? Gather here for a meeting! They say a man’s crown is their hair so ain’t nothing wrong if you want to keep that “crown” intact… right?


“My hairline started receding very early (uni days i think) due to excess testosterone levels and genetics and i won’t lie…i hated it. Then there was no access to information and technology as much as there is now.

“As time went on, i resorted to some “manageable” ways of improving my hairline thanks to @tobyafosah who also suffered the same problem if not worse. Back then, When he moves, i move (in luda’s voice &). He later introduced me to hair fibers which is a very good way of managing a receding hairline for a day (i mean it works just like make-up) and can be exhausting but i have been on it for several years (Toppik chop my money taya). Couple of years ago, @tobyafosah told me about hair transplants and how it is helping people break that generational hairline curse (or something like that 6) so i said hmmm… seriously! Back then i couldn’t afford it. I started researching on it and then found out it works so went on to add it to my BUCKET list.

“Ladies and gentlemen, here i am today to finally fix my over 10 year hairline issue thanks to @realofhair (the best transplant center in Turkey)


Kobby MadeIt is a Ghanaian blogger, artists manager, radio presenter and business man. CEO of MadeIt Records. A musical record label situated in Accra

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