Khay Bee Set To Release Anticipated New Single ‘Fameye’ Featuring Monaki

Khay Bee, a burgeoning Ghanaian music sensation, is poised to unveil his latest single, “Fameye,” a highly anticipated collaboration with fellow artist Monaki. The forthcoming release has generated considerable buzz among music aficionados, who are eager to experience the artistic synergy that the two musicians have brought to the table.

The song’s title, “Fameye,” has sparked intrigue among fans, who are speculating about the inspiration behind the nomenclature. Khay Bee, renowned for his soulful vocals and captivating stage presence, has been making significant strides in the Ghanaian music industry with his previous releases. His music often seamlessly blends elements of highlife, Afrobeat, and contemporary Ghanaian music, rendering him a standout artist in the genre.

Monaki, on the other hand, brings his distinctive rap style and thought-provoking lyrics to the collaboration, ensuring a harmonious fusion of talents. The confluence of their artistic vision is expected to yield a song that is both melodious and meaningful, with a broad appeal that transcends geographical boundaries.

While details regarding the song’s release date and accompanying music video remain under wraps, fans can anticipate “Fameye” to be a chart-topping success. The synergy between Khay Bee and Monaki’s creative genius is poised to produce a masterpiece that will resonate with music enthusiasts across Ghana and beyond.


Kobby MadeIt is a Ghanaian blogger, artists manager, radio presenter and business man. CEO of MadeIt Records. A musical record label situated in Accra

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