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Murdered Cartel Boss ‘El Fatal’ Buried With Hundreds Of Guns To Protect Him ‘In the Afterlife’

An Ecuador cartel boss was buried with dozens of gun in an attempt to ‘protect himself in the afterlife.’

Manuel Julian Sevillano Bustamante, aged 39, believed to be the leader of ‘Los Fatales’, was buried with a huge cache of weapons.


His underlings stuffed his coffin with machine guns, shotguns and even a revolver so that he would be ‘armed to the teeth in the afterlife and could defend himself’.

They also gave him a hat to wear so he could look his best at the Gates of St. Peter.


It is understood that the leader of ‘Los Fatales’, which operates in the Los Rios region of Ecuador, died after being shot at a carwash in Mocache, Ecuador, with his 20-year-old daughter and a security guard in tow.

The drug trafficker’s daughter was also shot and later died in hospital.

Bustamante was caught out after his assassins realised he regularly frequented one carwash.

No one has claimed responsibility for the death of Bustamante and his daughter.

Authorities suspect that the attack could be the result of clashes between rival gangs in the lucrative world of drug trafficking.

According to local media, Los Fatales are in a war against the Los Cornejos cartel for control of the drug trade in the provinces of Manabi and Los Rios.

The investigation is ongoing.

Cartel violence has spiked in Ecuador. The country saw 4,600 violent deaths in 2022, double the previous year, and it is set to break the record again with 3,568 violent deaths in the first half of 2023.

Earlier this year, three political killings, all of which were allegedly linked to cartel violence, rocked the country in less than four weeks.

Presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio, an outspoken critic of organised crime and corruption was shot in broad daylight last month.

His death followed the fatal July shooting of the city of Manta’s mayor, Agustín Intriago, 38, who had recently been re-elected for a term that began in May.

And just a week after Villavicencio died, local political organiser Pedro Briones died in a fatal shooting


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