Senior High School Placement Portal Will Be Up And Running This Week (November 20-24)

The highly anticipated launch of the Computerized School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS) portal is expected to take place between November 20 and November 24, 2023.

As the week goes on, candidates are admonished make sure they stay updated on the CSSPS portal. That’s where the official results for Senior High School placements will be announced. The excitement is building, and soon you’ll finally get the answers you’ve been eagerly waiting for.

The CSSPS portal is where all the magic happens for your future academic journey. Once it’s up and running, you can hop on over to the portal and check out your Senior High School placements. Just a heads up, you’ll need to snag a placement checker voucher to get in on the action.

How to buy CSSPS School Placement Checker

1. Dial *800*055# on your mobile phone
2. Choose ‘School Placement Checker’
3. Confirm price and description and enter 1
4. Authorize payment via Mobile Money
5. You will receive the checker card via SMS with instructions to check the results on your phone.

Steps to buy CSSPS School Placement Checker Online

1. Visit with your smartphone or PC
2. Choose the card type you want to buy. e.g.: CSSPS Placement Checker
3. Enter the number of cards you want to buy, and the amount will be automatically calculated.
4. Click on “Buy Now”
5. You will be taken to a new screen where you enter your name and phone number (Card details will be sent via SMS to the phone number you enter here)
6. Click on “Proceed to Payment”
7. On the next screen, choose Mobile Money and enter your MoMo number. You will be sent an OTP to confirm.
8. Confirm the payment on your phone.
9. You will instantly receive an SMS with the Placement Checker details and instructions to check.

Simple steps to perform manual/self-placement

If a candidate is not matched with any of their choices from the automatic placement system, they will be redirected to the self-placement portal.

A qualified Candidate is then required to select a school by providing the under-listed information:

Residential preference
Programme of Choice.

Note: You can totally switch up the schools you’ve selected on the self-placement portal as many times as you want until you officially enroll in one. The portal has all the schools with openings listed, so you can pick from them during the self-placement process.


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