Stop Dating Stingy Broke Men, He Must Spend On You If He Loves You -Guru

The Ghanaian musician Guru briefly served as a relationship counselor and gave some advice to women.

The rapper “Bonsam Ani” said last three days, August 31, 2023, on Hello FM that a man does not deserve to be with a lady if he is stingy.

Guru says that because women bring so much delight into men’s lives, it is imperative that men take care of their ladies. Guru claimed that he gave his lover a car as a gift since she made him happy, using himself as an example.

He disclosed this when he was asked about his car, Guru revealed, “no, I gifted it out, and I was walking. Yes, I had to gift it out.”

Justifying why his girlfriend deserved the car, he stated “Because everything that makes you happy, you have to spend on it.”

In the moment of further justifying why men must pamper their women, he added “yes, because if you are a man and you are stingy… as a lady, if you know that the man you are with is a stingy man, don’t take him”.

Guru recently revealed that his best friend confessed to poisoning him after he had been rushed to the hospital. Guru revealed the harrowing experience he went through not too long ago which nearly brought his career to an end.

According to him, one of his crew members poisoned him and attacked him spiritually. He said this team member has tried to get him out of the way a couple of times but on a particular occasion he handed him a bottle of water laced with poison while he was on stage performing.

Also, the musician said that he realized he couldn’t talk while performing and had to run off stage because of a spiritual attack.

After several scans and tests in the hospital, some strange substances were expelled from his throat after the initial examination proved there was nothing wrong with him. He disclosed that it persisted for about eight months and more and tests still proved futile.

He further revealed that a pastor had told him what was happening to him was a spiritual attack. Well, after a long time, Guru has finally decided to reveal the person behind his near-death experience.

CC’ Adukwei Ruth Okyere


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