John Dramani Mahama promises to begin plans for new city outside Accra to ease congestion.

The flag bearer of the biggest opposition party in Ghana, the National Democratic Congress and the former president of Ghana John Dramani Mahama, has promised to start a plan, and design a feasibility study for construction of new city outside Accra to ease the growing congestion. This will help create a new growth pole and create hundreds of thousands of jobs during the construction phase and after completion.

While Accra remains the capital, the time has come to decongest it by relocating some of the government ministries, agencies, departments and financial institutions outside the capital. He believes that a future city could straddle three regions including, Greater Accra Region, Eastern Region and the Volta Region and would be close to the Volta lake with abundant water. The new city would be a green and digital city and will have tourist and amusements attractions, industrial parks and financial services.

He indicated that the new city will be a 24 hour city and would not sleep. He then again made mention of the fact that, much of the investments for the new city will be leveraging by the private sector and through public private partnerships.

The aspiring one term president of the 4th Republic, Mr. John Dramani Mahama, made these Revelations when he was speaking with the {European Union Chamber of Commerce}, on Tuesday, May 28, 2024. He asserted, thus, { We will commence a feasibility study with a plan to construct a new city. Accra is grid-locked, and the time has come for us to relocate certain parts of the government services from Accra. Accra will remain the capital, but we will transfer a portion of it elsewhere. There is already available land on the Accra plains and the opposite bank of the Volta lake. Moreover, we are establishing a port terminal in Mpakadan to transport cargo to the northern part of the country. There is abundant land in that area, allowing us to relocate some ministries, agencies and departments out of the city to alleviate congestion}.

He asserted that,{Accra has expanded to its limits, and if we are not cautious, managing it as a sustainable city will become cumbersome. Thus, we will initiate the planning, design and feasibility process. I anticipate that this project may take around 20years to complete but we need to take the first step. Subsequent generations can then continue where we left off}.

The 24 hour economy campaigner, Former president John Dramani Mahama, while on the Building Ghana Tour assured Ghanaians of decongesting the industrial enclave of the Tema area towards the western corridor for industrialization and jobs creation.

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