Lack Of Support Hinders Ghana Music Industry, Not Shatta Wale – Mr Logic

Talent manager and entertainment commentator, Mr. Logic has expressed his frustration with the prevalent lack of genuine support and funding in the music industry, asserting that this is the primary obstacle impeding its growth.

He strongly refutes the idea that musician Shatta Wale is to blame for impeding industry development, calling such accusations baseless.

Speaking on the UTV Showbiz Night, Mr. Logic highlighted that potential investors are discouraged from funding musicians who have the ability to accomplish feats comparable to those of Nigerian artists because of the ongoing negative comparisons and criticism.

He underlined that large industry investments and assistance are at the heart of Nigerian musicians’ major worldwide success, a method from which Ghanaian artists may likewise gain.

Mr. Logic contested the idea that artists like Shatta Wale, who has an extensive track record in the industry, are incapable of filling venues like the O2 Arena. He noted that investors’ confidence has eroded due to the negative conversations surrounding the industry, affecting both artists and their prominence.

Who says Shatta Wale who has been in the industry for the longest running can’t fill up the O2 arena, It’s because investors have lost confidence due to the constant negative conversations that surround the artistry and it affects the artists and their prominence”

He emphasized that the achievements of artists like Asake are not unattainable for Ghanaian artists, provided they are given the necessary resources and support.

“It is nothing too extraordinary that Asake and his colleagues are doing that the Ghanaian artists can’t do, we are equally capable of doing the same, let’s not belittle our creatives for trying their best”

He criticized the approach of Ghanaian artists, noting that they often rely on personal contacts rather than allocating budgets for self-promotion, unlike their Nigerian counterparts.

Mr. Logic emphasized that Shatta Wale should not be blamed for the industry’s challenges, as pushing each other’s careers is not a responsibility that falls on any individual artist.

“Ghanaian artists don’t go all out in pushing their music and craft unlike the Nigerians, they don’t have any budget in promoting themselves or whatsoever rather they seek to ride on personal contacts for their gain rather than putting in the necessary resources for greater results, Ghanaian artist lacks the understanding of the business of music

“Don’t blame Shatta Wale for the industry woes, It’s not his responsibility to push anyone, each of the artists is doing their work and no one is obliged to push the other. However, the prompt rescue for success in the industry is if these artists get the major support and funding”

He stressed that the real solution lies in granting these artists the essential support and funding they need to thrive in the industry.


Kobby MadeIt is a Ghanaian blogger, artists manager, radio presenter and business man. CEO of MadeIt Records. A musical record label situated in Accra

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