Live Lives Worth Emulation- Chief Justice Charges Women

The Chief Justice, Justice Gertrude Torkonoo, has called on women to live holy lives worthy of emulation to guide the youth to become responsible adults.

She said holiness was about living a life that aligned with Godly lives and principles, in spite of current challenges and pleasures of the eyes, body and desires of the heart.

“When we embrace a life that is consecrated to God, we become vessels through whom God can work mightily, enabling us to accomplish greater works with humility and with grace from above,” she stated.

The Chief Justice gave the charge at the 75th anniversary celebration of the Women’s Movement of the Apostolic Church, Ghana at the Independence Square in Accra.

It was on the theme: “Repositioning for Greater Works; Ruth 1: 16.

Justice Torkornoo said God had made room for women to become great, influential and instruments of change to the development of the country and as such they could not exhibit laziness, deception, manipulation and expect God’s blessings.

“In 1 Peter 1: 15-16, the Bible states that, ‘He who calls you is holy, so you must also be holy in all your conduct’,” she stressed.

Justice Torkonoo appealed to women to spend enough time to pray and invest in things that would edify them and make them emotionally strong to stand the test of time, by so doing, they would become who God had destined them to become.

“God has prepared us with compassion, faith, wisdom, and vision.

Let us take up courage and educate our children with love, the fear of God, humility and wisdom so that they would take up from us and become responsible adults when the time comes for them to take over from us.

“We must strive for nation-building as we aspire for excellence in building our spiritual lives and also improving upon our public lives.

“To this end, there is the need to attract the young ladies to also share in the good strides made and inculcate them into their lives,” Justice Torkornoo said.

Notable women
The Chief Justice paid tribute to some great women of modern Ghana, who had blazed the trail in public service and performed creditable in the business and the public sector, notable among them are Dr Esther Ocloo, who established Nkulenu Industries in 1942, Justice Bamford Addo, who became the first female Speaker of Parliament, Justice Georgina Theodora Wood, who became the first female Chief Justice and subsequently, Justice Sophia Akuffo and herself who had all become justices, playing their respective roles in the judiciary.

“If Dr Ocloo could do it in 1942, then we can do it today, ” she stated.

Out of 27 chief justices of the Gold Coast and Ghana since 1876, in more than 140 years of the Supreme Court in Ghana, only three of them had been women.

“God is making room for women in this country.

Let us take advantage of the opportunity and help transform Ghana, ” Justice Torkonoo said.

Women’s movement
The National Women’s Movement leader of the Apostolic Church-Ghana, Deaconess Helen Sosi, said as women, they had supported the church growth for the past years and helped to reshape and guide young women to take up positions.

Deaconess Sosi said the movement had for the past years cultivated the habit of ensuring discipline, good moral values and integrity among themselves and the young women, which had culminated into good moral values and discipline.

“We have come to the point where mediocrity and anxiety have been nailed to the wall and positioned ourselves for dedication and in-depth study of the word of God and discipleship is our mandate” he stressed.

In his sermon, President of the Apostolic Church, Ghana, Apostle Dr Aaron Ami-Narh, said women had always been key vessels for ensuring growth, wealth creation and prosperity considering their versatility, love for the things of God and their social and economic viability to nation building.

As such, he reminded them to emulate the positive characters of the Esthers, Naomi’s, Sarah’s and Ruth in the Bible through whom changes occurred in the environments they lived in


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