Why Shatta Wale Said He Doesn’t Want To Collaborate With Nigerian Music Artists.

Shatta Wale, a prominent Ghanaian dancehall artist, made headlines when he publicly stated that he does not want to collaborate with Nigerian music artists. This statement sparked a lot of controversy and debate within the music industry, as collaborations between artists from different countries have become increasingly common and celebrated.

One of the main reasons behind Shatta Wale’s statement is the perceived dominance of Nigerian music in the African music scene. Nigeria, often referred to as the “Giant of Africa,” has a thriving music industry that has gained international recognition in recent years. Nigerian artists such as Wizkid, Davido, and Burna Boy have achieved global success and have collaborated with renowned international artists.

Shatta Wale, on the other hand, beliefs that Ghanaian artists should focus on promoting and supporting their own music industry. He argues that by collaborating with Nigerian artists, Ghanaian musicians may inadvertently overshadow their own talent and contribute to the dominance of Nigerian music in the African music scene. Shatta Wale believes that Ghanaian artists should prioritize building a strong foundation for their own music industry before seeking collaborations with artists from other countries.


Kobby MadeIt is a Ghanaian blogger, artists manager, radio presenter and business man. CEO of MadeIt Records. A musical record label situated in Accra

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